Unlocking the Potential of Office LTSC 2024: Tailored Solutions for Specialized Scenarios

Office LTSC 2024, or Office Long-Term Servicing Channel 2024, is tailored for specialized scenarios where a truly long-term servicing channel is required. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Purpose and Scenario:

Office LTSC 2024 caters to specific scenarios that demand stability and reliability over extended periods. Examples include regulated devices that cannot accept frequent updates, process control devices on manufacturing floors without internet connectivity, and specialty systems like medical testing equipment that must remain stable over time.

Office LTSC 2024

Features and Enhancements:

Office LTSC 2024 includes a subset of features from Microsoft 365 Apps. New features in this release include:

  • Outlook: Improved meeting creation options and search enhancements.
  • Excel: Numerous new features and functions, such as Dynamic Charts and Arrays.
  • General: Enhanced performance, security, and accessibility. Notable exclusions from this version are Microsoft Publisher (being retired) and the Microsoft Teams app (available for separate download). Unlike Microsoft 365 Apps, Office LTSC 2024 does not offer cloud-based capabilities like real-time collaboration, AI-driven automation, or cloud-backed security.

Licensing and Support:

Office LTSC 2024 is a device-based perpetual license and will be supported for five years under the Fixed Lifecycle Policy. It is suitable for deployment in scenarios like computer labs and submarines that require a disconnected, device-based solution.

Comparison with Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) is recommended for cloud-based features and services. Office LTSC 2024 does not qualify for Microsoft Copilot, as it’s a disconnected product. Microsoft 365 also provides extended offline access and device-based licensing.

Add-in Developers

For add-ins like PowerPoint timers or countdown timers, the release of Office LTSC 2024 might have implications due to the subset of features included in this version. Since LTSC focuses on stability and long-term servicing rather than frequent feature updates, developers of such add-ins may need to adapt their products accordingly.

While Office LTSC 2024 offers enhanced performance, security, and accessibility, it lacks certain cloud-based capabilities present in Microsoft 365 Apps, which could affect the functionality of add-ins reliant on cloud services or real-time collaboration features.

Developers may need to ensure that their add-ins are compatible with LTSC environments and leverage the features available in this version to provide a seamless experience for users. Additionally, since Office LTSC 2024 excludes Microsoft Teams, developers should consider alternative distribution channels for add-ins requiring integration with Teams functionalities.

Overall, while LTSC provides stability for specialized scenarios, add-in developers may need to adjust their strategies to accommodate the feature set and deployment options of this version effectively.

It’s crucial to understand that Office LTSC 2024 is designed for specific use cases and is released separately from regular Microsoft 365 updates. If your organization has specialized requirements that align with its features and limitations, this version might be the right fit.

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