How To Add a Timer To PowerPoint. Get Ubi PowerPoint Timer - Insertable timer for PowerPoint

Add a PowerPoint timer to your presentations using Ubi Timer, the best way to add a timer to your presentation. Supercharge your audience by using this insertable timer for PowerPoint.  Furthermore. with Ubi Timer, you can easily customize and use the timer in both edit and presentation mode.

add a timer to PowerPoint - Insertable timer for PowerPoint

Say goodbye to leaving PowerPoint to start your timer. With Ubi PowerPoint Timer, you can easily add a timer to PowerPoint and run it right within your presentation. Moreover, you can simply insert the timer into your slides and watch it automatically launch as you advance through your presentation. Accordingly, Ubi PowerPoint Timer is the perfect tool for users looking to add a countdown timer to their PowerPoint presentations. Experience seamless timing integration and captivate your audience with precision.

  • Precision Timing Control
  • Customizable Presentation Enhancer
  • Engaging Audience Experience
  • User-Friendly Interface
insertable timer for PowerPoint - presentation timer

Ubi PowerPoint Timer - Analogue

Adding a timer to PowerPoint has never been easier with Ubi Timer. Even more, our analogue PowerPoint timer offers all the same great functionalities as Ubi Timer, with the added bonus of a visual countdown on the last minute of the set time interval. Indeed it’s no wonder this insertable PowerPoint timer is such a popular choice for presentations.

digital timer

Insertable timer for PowerPoint - Digital

Looking to add a timer to your PowerPoint presentations? Look no further than Ubi Timer! Furthermore, our digital PowerPoint timer is incredibly easy to launch and use. Additionally, you can add Ubi Timer to PowerPoint directly from the add-in tab. Alternatively, you can access it from the Microsoft AppSource store via the insert menu. With Ubi Timer, you’ll never have to worry about running over time during your presentations again.

Ubi PowerPoint Timer - Add a timer to PowerPoint - presentation timer


Personalize your PowerPoint timer to your desired look and feel with Ubi Timer's customizable settings.

Analogue Timer

Choose the analogue timer option and enjoy all the great functionalities of Ubi Timer's PowerPoint countdown timer.

Digital Timer

Choose the digital timer option and enjoy seamless customization with your PowerPoint presentation using Ubi Timer.

Edit Mode

Ubi Timer is usable in edit mode, so you can easily choose your custom settings for your PowerPoint timer.

Presentation Mode

Use Ubi Timer in presentation mode by launching it automatically with the click of a button.

Spanning Across Slides

Ubi Timer is a PowerPoint timer that times your presentation and automatically displays on every slide.

Add a Timer to PowerPoint Presentations with Ubi Timer - Insertable timer for PowerPoint

  1. Classroom teachers recommend Ubi PowerPoint Timer as a suitable productivity tool for adding a timer to PowerPoint presentations.
  2. Ubi PowerPoint Timer is highly recommended for corporate presentations as the go-to PowerPoint timer solution.
  3. Use Ubi PowerPoint Timer as a versatile tool that can function as both a PowerPoint countdown timer and a count-up timer.
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Add a timer to your PowerPoint presentation and thereby access the PowerPoint timer anywhere because the timer is linked to your Microsoft account.

Welcome to Ubi Timer – your ultimate solution to add a timer to PowerPoint presentations.

Imagine delivering a presentation with confidence, knowing that you have full control of your time. With Ubi Timer, you can easily create stunning presentations and consequently,  keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

Furthermore, our PowerPoint timer is easy to use and can be customized to match the look and feel of your presentation. Whether you need a countdown or count-up timer, Ubi Timer has got you covered. And the best part? You can use it in both edit and presentation mode, making it a must-have productivity tool for professionals and students alike.

But don’t just take our word for it – Ubi Timer is recommended by classroom teachers and corporate professionals as a reliable tool for enhancing productivity and improving presentations.

Do you often find yourself losing track of time during your PowerPoint presentations? Do you wish there was an easier way to keep track of time without having to constantly check your watch or phone? Look no further than Ubi PowerPoint Timer!

Get Ubi Timer from Microsoft AppSource

With Ubi PowerPoint Timer, you can easily add a timer to your presentations. As a result, you can stay on track without any distractions. In addition, our digital timer seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint. Furthermore, it can be launched with just a few clicks. Plus, with customizable settings, you can tailor the look and feel of the timer to match your presentation style.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher looking for a productivity tool or a corporate presenter seeking to enhance your presentations, Ubi PowerPoint Timer is the perfect solution. So why wait? Add a timer to PowerPoint today and, as a result, take your presentations to the next level with Ubi PowerPoint Timer!

So what are you waiting for? Download Ubi Timer now and, consequently, take your presentation game to the next level.

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Newly introduced features

Unlock the power of precision and style in your presentations with Ubi Timer’s groundbreaking feature: Preset Messages. Elevate your delivery with pre-defined messages that seamlessly align with matching background images. Effortlessly convey crucial points, engage your audience, and keep your presentation flowing seamlessly. Just enter your desired search keyword for the background image, select a preset message, and let Ubi Timer handle the rest. Transform your presentations with Ubi Timer’s Preset Messages feature today!

Experience the benefits of UbiPowerPoint Timer that go beyond timing perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just starting, Ubi Timer empowers you to craft professional, captivating presentations effortlessly. Stay in control, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression with our user-friendly interface and customizable settings. Take the stress out of timing and focus on delivering your message effectively. Join the thousands who have already discovered the difference Ubi Timer can make in their presentations. Elevate your delivery, enhance your impact, and make every moment count with UbiPowerPoint Timer.

Ready to take your presentations to the next level? Try UbiPowerPoint Timer today and master the art of precision timing! Our presentation timer puts you in control.

  • Seamlessly Integrates with PowerPoint: See how UbiPowerPoint Timer seamlessly integrates with your presentations, making timing a breeze.

  • Customizable Timing: Explore how you can customize the timer to suit your presentation style, from keynotes to short pitches.

  • Real-World Impact: Witness real before-and-after scenarios where UbiPowerPoint Timer elevates presentations and keeps audiences engaged.

  • Success Stories: Hear from users who have experienced the difference UbiPowerPoint Timer can make in their presentations.

  • Quick Setup: Learn how to set up the timer with a step-by-step tutorial, and discover how it can boost your confidence in front of any audience.