Use Ubi Timer for your business presentations and other needs. 



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PowerPoint Timer for Businesses and Organisations – Use Ubi PowerPoint timer for seamless integration and customisation with Office 365 PowerPoint to create professional presentations.

Ubi timer features
Ubi PowerPoint Timer is a valuable productivity tool 

One of the things that make Ubi PowerPoint timer a great tool making your power point presentation even greater is the fact that you can use the PowerPoint timer both in presentation and edit mode. Ubi PowerPoint timer offers more functionalities making it easier to use on any power point presentation. Furthermore, Ubi PowerPoint timer is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office Store. Also, given that it is offered in the Microsoft Office Store, is yet another seal of approval and an assurance that you are acquiring a product of remarkable quality.

Ubi PowerPoint timer is a great timer for any power point presentation.

Ubi PowerPoint Timer for Businesses and Organisations

Are you a business or an organisation? Why not get Ubi PowerPoint Timer SaaS Offer from Azure Marketplace. To purchase Ubi PowerPoint Timer SaaS offer from the Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, you need an Azure user account with access to an appropriate Azure subscription. If you your organisation or business has Office 365 subscription, then it is most likely that you already have an Azure account. 

From the Azure marketplace you will be able to purchase a licence, and select a desired subscription plan. You should then be able to manage your subscription from your Office 365 admin centre.  

Why choose Ubi PowerPoint Timer SaaS offer?


Ubi PowerPoint Timer settings can be customise to adapt to your desired look and feel.

Analogue Timer

The user can choose analogue timer and enjoy all the functionalities of Ubi PowerPoint Timer.

Digital Timer

The user can choose the digital timer and enjoy seamless customisation of Ubi PowerPoint Timer.

Edit Mode

Ubi Timer is usable in edit mode. Just choose your custom settings.

Presentation Mode

Use Ubi Timer in presentation mode with the launch automatically button.

Spanning Across Slides

Use the timer across slides and monitor the same countdown interval.